Stambhan Mantras For Victory over enemies and For the Protection of the Womb



Stambhan mantras are used to stop your enemies, the evil spells or tantra being cast or supposed to be cast on you or your family from by your enemies Some stambhan mantras are used for mankind to get success or protection in different respects. As Stambhan stops the actions of your enemies and donot let them think or act any evil against you.


I have also provided with another stambhan mantra for the protection of the womb…known as garbh raksha mantra..

Grabh Raksha (Progeny Protection)

Om namoh adesh guru ka, jai jai jai jai jaikar
gorakh baitha ghoruvar, jab lag gorakh jaap jape
jab lag raaj vibhishan kare, Gaura katya katna
ishwar baandhya ganda, rakhu rakhu sree hanumant bajrang
jo chhitka parta, anda doodth poot
ishwar ki maya, padta grabh sree gorakhnath ji rakhaya
meri bhakti, guru ki shakti, phuro mantra ishwaro vacha.

Procedure: – Take a black thread and read the mantra 21 times to energize it. After getting it energized, bind it around the back of the pregnant lady. Womb being aborted will get stopped…

Bhairav Mantra To Stop Enemies.

Om Namoh Bhairave Namah..Mam Shatru Sthambhane Kuru Kuru Swaha

This is Lord Bahirav’s Stambhan Mantra to gain paranormal protection from your enemies and is been performed in the hindu cremation ground known as shamshan bhumi…..this is a very powerful mantra and it invokes Goddess Bhairavi and this sadhana is been done on Siddha Yoga Days Like Diwali, Holi, Navratri, Amavasya etc. A sadhak performing this tantra has to offer some fruits and nayvedyas to Lord Bhairav and after the completion of the puja, he needs to offer some wine and meat to Lord Bhairav.

Whenever a sadhak wishes to do this prayog he needs to take some seeds of apamarga plant and by infuse it 21 times with the same mantra and throw it in front of their enemies.. the enemy gets immobilized very soon.

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