Shabar Maran Mantra

Shabar Maran Mantra

Shabar Maran Mantra



Shabar Maran Mantra is very dangerous for innocent person and if you kill your enemy and you want revenge then use maran mantra.shabar maran mantra is very powerful and effective mantra this mantra is rare and useful this maran mantra came from shamshan and aghori sadhna and most of big tantrik,aghori,sadhu use this mantra shabar mantra is belong to Gorkhnath ji and Gorkhnath sadhna is very famous sadhna for vashikaran this sadhna process is 41 days and Gorkhnath mantra is very powerful because all this mantra is make with aghor sadhna and spiritual power.

This post is real and true and its mantra and procedure is very powerful and effective,Guru Ji +91-8607849162

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This Maran Mantra is rare and powerful,most of big and powerful tantrik and aghori chant this mantra and they get good result so if you want kill your enemy and if you want revenge,chant this mantra properly because maximum people do not chant this mantra with proper way and after mantra chanting process they did not get good and effective result .

Maran Mantra



Om Nmo kat Vikat ” Amuk ” kleem Maran Pishache Swaha






  • Chant this mantra Sunday and Friday.
  • Use Saftik and Sandal Rosary.
  • Sit on the white carpet (Aasan) and peaceful place.
  • Chant this mantra 108 times.
  • Use Bhojpatra and Sweet and fruit.
  • “Amuk” Enemy Name.

This Maran Paryog is very famouse its real name is Nimboo Se Maran this maran paryog is easy and effective and if you can’t chant maran mantra so you do this maran paryog and get good result.Nimboo se maran paryog is very strong,strange and effective black magick spell ritual.Here you will use on lemon and pain or life will go there of your enemy without any physically connection.

Nimboo Se Maran


Kleem Klaaam Gorkhnath ” Enemy Name ” Mukti Mukti Sabre Jagat Se Mukti Nmh:


Select the silence and pure place for this ritual. Make the seat of yellow soil. Now when the soil will dry up then set the white cotton sheet on it. Now sit on it and your face should be in the west. Use Ghee or butter lamp in front of you. You need to Offer some dishes so keep these with you. Some sweets, two cloves and lemon are required to keep during this worship. Chant this spells 108 * 21 times and then flow all things into river or in sea. Just keep lemon with you. Do this for the forty days. Now after the completion of this period, chant this spells 108 times and spelled the lemon with this spell. Take one iron nail and make half hole in the lemon, it will give high and lot of pain to enemy and if you will cross the iron nail from the lemon then your enemy will died on spot.

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