Rahu Dosh Mantra

Rahu Dosh Mantra

Rahu Dosh Mantra


Rahu Dosh Mantra is very powerful if you want remove this dosh and eliminate in your kundli,chant this mantra with proper way and if you want more powerful Rahu Dosh Mantra and Rahu Dosh Yantra call Guru Ji +91-9896382592

Rahu Dosh Mantra is one of the most effective mantras that one can chant to eliminate Rahu Dosh in your Kundali, if any. Rahu is a Shadow planet that is notorious to create disorder in one’s life. It is one of the nodes, the north node to be specific, of the moon. The South Node on the other hand is Ketu. These two shadow planets together affect the lives of human. Based on the placement of these planets, a person’s relationship, health, and other attributes of your life are jeopardized.


Rahu alone is not malevolent. Infact if Rahu is found in one’s Kundali without being accompanied by any other planet, it brings fame, power, money, name, success and even foreign travels. The evil effects of Rahu can only be experienced if it combines with Shani (Saturn), Mangal (Mars), Surya (Sun) and Harshal (Uranus), or if it is malefic or in a weak house. These details are mentioned in your horoscope (Birth Chart).

When in conjunction with the planets Saturn, Mars, Sun and Uranus, Rahu creates misunderstanding in relationships, delays your marriage or love life, and brings various failures in your life. It might also cause sudden accidents and misfortunes. In another facet, Rahu dosh is associated with your Ancestors Wrath (Shrap). Some believe that Rahu dosh is caused when your ancestors were not satisfied and left the world with some unfulfilled wishes.

The Mantra to be recited to Eliminate Rahu Dosh

The following Mantra can be recited to lessen Rahu Dosh in your Kundali:


Om Bhraam Bhreem Bhroom Sh: Rahuve Nmh:


This mantra has to be recited on a Monday for 18000 times. A Rudraksha Mala is an appropritate Mala that can be used to recite this Mantra.

In order to minimize Rahu dosh, one has to first ascertain if the dosh prevails in your Kundali (Birth Chart). Reading your Kundali from a

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