Siyar Singhi

Siyar Singhi


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Product I.D.     : SS 201

Product Name : Siyar Singhi

Price                    : 300 $


Description        :

Here are the details about the Gidar / Siyar Singhi. You can know about what experts say or our pauraanic granthas say about this miraculous product.

Siyar or a Jackal, which normally has no horn but when it hoots facing downwards, a small bunch of hair with a horn emerges from his body at the forehead. This is considered very sacred and known as Siyar Singhi. It may be of small, medium and big sizes. Having Siyar Singhi gives immense wealth, victory over enemies, success in litigations and law suits etc. In Tantra and vedic upaye, this can be used in many ways.

Siyar singhi is very powerful talisman to remove all sort of obstacles and black magic from human life having natural powers which transfers to the acquirer directly. The brief description of siyar singhi is as follows:-
One remains fearless of beasts, Ghosts and it provides protection, from enemies and evil spirits and gives success in law suits. Siyar Singhi shall be kept in vermillion and you have to light up a incense stick n front of him daily or once a week. You will always feel protected when you get this siyar singhi. It very difficult to find genuine siyar singhi and lot of fake siyar singhis are available in the market. You can get genuine siyar singhi at site http:// www.Vashikaranvidya/

‘Siyar’ is a jackal, and ‘Singhi’ is horns – very rare type of jackals have horns, and these horns are called Siyar Singhi, Gidar Singi or Siyaar Seengh. Siyar Singhi should be kept in vermillion powder or ‘sindhoor’. Siyar Singhi bestows immense wealth, good luck, victory over enemies, success in ventures, law suits and examinations. It also helps in removing Evil Spirits, Black Magic and Witchcraft. Siyar Singhi has got unusual & strange power which pulls every one-towards itself. Hence it is used by businessmen and shopkeepers to attract customers, generally kept in Tijori or their Cash Box / Lockers.

Siyar Singhi is available in various sizes and it is very expensive. If one keeps it in the house it is contributes immense wealth, good luck, victory over enemies, and success in business, law suits and examinations. Siyar Singhi protects from evil eye, it also helps in removing disembodied spirit. siyar singhi is the most sought after lucky charm which is also the rarest.

Note: Proper energization and activation is required, i.e. pran-pratishtha and shuddhi. We do sarvarthsiddhi and then send the product to the customer.

Just to make our customers understand / identify FAKE SIYAR SINGHI, we are providing some of the pictures of Fake Siyar Singi / Gidar Singhi available in the market. These fake products are very very cheap and sold cheap or at very low prices just to attract or dupe customers. Here are the pictures of duplicate / fake siyar singhis:

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