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Laxmi Charan


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Product I.D.     : LC 202

Product Name : Laxmi Charan

Price                   : 100 $


Description       :

Goddess Lakshmi is the Hindu Goddess of wealth, prosperity, fortune, and the embodiment of beauty. She is the consort of the God Vishnu. Goddess Laxmi is said to bring good luck and is believed to protect her devotees from all kinds of misery and money-related sorrows.
Lakshmi is worshipped daily in Hindu homes and commercial establishments as the goddess of wealth. She also enjoys worship as the consort of Vishnu in many temples. The festivals of Diwali and Kojagiri Purnima are celebrated in her honour.
It is believed that Devas and Asuras performed Churning of ocean (Samudra manthan) with the help of a mountain on the advice of Lord Vishnu to extract rare gifts, called Ratnas. In all 14 such ratnas were extracted and were equally divided by the Devas and Asuras.
These ratnas were:

  • Halahal (poison)
  • a horse named Uchaswah
  • a white elephant called Airavat
  • a rare gemstone called Kaustubhmani
  • parijat vriksh (tree)
  • Panchjanya shankh
  • Shaag dhanush
  • a holy cow called Kamdhenu
  • Chandrama (the Moon)
  • Mahapadma Nidhi
  • Rambha
  • Varuni madira
  • Amrit
  • Dhanwantari vaidya

Goddess Lakshmi emerged as fifteenth ratna in the bridal attire with lotus mala in her hand for Lord Vishnu or Narayana. Everyone hailed the Laxmi-Narayana and Goddess Laxmi.
Her feet had 15 symbols, which brought prosperity. All gods took impressions of Lakshmi’s feet, called Lakshmi Paduka and installed at their places and celebrated by lighting lamps. This marked the festival of Diwali.

The symbols and the importance of each one of them is given below:
Left foot:

  • Teer Kaman (Bow & Arrow) – It is weapon of gods and good to achieve one’s Lakshya or objective.
  • Matsya (Fish) – Symbolises prosperity & health.
  • Kumbha (Pot) – Symbolises good health and fulfillment of desires.
  • Chandra – Brings light & purity in your lives.
  • Tilak – Symbolises victory, bhagya (luck) and sanman (respect)
  • Trikonakar mangal bindu (Triangle) – Good for achieving objective
  • Chakra rekha – Symbolises Soubhagya and Swasthya

Right foot:

  • Swastika – Symbolises Lord Ganesha and also blessings and knowledge
  • Chakra – Saves from Devils forces
  • Shankh – Brings energy and purity in life
  • Surya – Brings success and prosperity
  • Kumbha – Symbolises good health and fulfillment of desires
  • Dhwaja (Flag) – Gives right direction. Present on all temples
  • Vajra – Its Lord Indra’s weapon. It does not allow you to loose focus.
  • Kamalpushpa (Lotus) – Health, prosperity and blessings
  • Trishul – Symbolises Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. It gives you strength and religious purity

Install Laxmi Charan paduka at place of worship at home, office or at place of work to get health, wealth and prosperity.
Besides being potentiated with Cosmic Energy, by Guru Ji +91-9896382592 himself, ‘’® energizes/consecrates laxmi Charan paduka with Vedic mantras, beautifully combining with some other potent verses, before being forwarded to you.

Where to place Laxmi Charan Paduka:

  • Place laxmi Charan paduka at the place of worship at home.
  • You can also place laxmi Charan paduka at your workplace.

Following are the uses of Laxmi Charan paduka:

  • Laxmi Charan paduka brings success in every aspect of your life.
  • Laxmi Charan paduka gives you good health.
  • It makes your mind more concentrated to your tasks.
  • It brings good luck to you.

Note: Proper energization and activation is required, i.e. pran-pratishtha and shuddhi. We do sarvarthsiddhi and then send the product to the customer.

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