Mohini Vashikaran Mantra And Sadhna

 Mohini Vashikaran Mantra And Sadhna


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Mohini vashikaran mantra and sadhna is rare and effective if you want control any girl’s and anyperson use this sadhna and mantra mohini vidya and sadhna came frome vashikaran specialist and tatnric so more information and mantra call Guru Ji +91-9729931543

There are many types of mohini/ apsra sadhna and mantra so you have pic any one and start with proper way .Mohini second name is apsara so many people they called apsra sadhna.

  • Mohini Phool Pari Sadhna.
  • Menka Apsra Sadhna.
  • Leelawati Apsra Sadhna.
  • Leel Apsra Ki Sadhna.
  • Pari Ki Sadhna.

This sadhna is powerful and we have tested this mantra sadhna many types of people and we found that this sadhna antra is really worked.

1. Mohini Phool Pari Sadhna

Phool pari mohini sadhna is biggest sadhna of mahini and this sadhna mantra is very powerful and maximum people use this sadhna when they lost your love and relationship.this strong mohini vashikaran mantra you can recite every night daily to make everyone positive for you, if people not giving you respect in the office or your relative not giving attention in social functions so you can try this powerful mohini mantra prayog.


  • Chan this mantraony for night.
  • Sit on the red carpet.
  • Use sandal rosary.
  • Chant this mantra 108 times.

2. Mohini Menka Sadhna

Mohini Menka Sadhna is the only seven days sadhna.we have to chant daily 10108 rounds of the following mantra with the help of the sphatik rosary.sadhna will be started from any friday.we have to put menka yantra,syar singi,three hakik stones and itra or perfume infront of yellow cloth.

After taking bath we have to put a kesar tilak on our forhead,we have to wear flower garland and perfumed our cloths and mala.we have to sit on asan facing towards north and lit a incense stick and ghee candle(ghee ka deepak).now we will chant the following mantra.


  • Chan this mantra 10108 times.
  • Use saphtik Rosary ( Mala ).
  • Start this sadhna Friday.

Then on seventh day menka comes in a very very beautiful form and gives this promise that she will live with this moment you should put your wearing garland or mala into the neck of menka and menka will give you another garland and will become your friend or wife .

3. Leelawati Pasra Sadhna

Leelavati is another apsara that provides many types of sexual pleasure. Sadhak may start this sadhna from any Friday after 10 PM in the night.Take bath an wear a yellow bright dhoti or saree and sit towards north,put ghee candle,incense sticks(preferably rose) and lit them and put some red hakik stones on red rices infront of you and the photo of Apsara.This Apsara wears the Red cloth and likes the perfumes.It has extremally beautiful body structure and likes love and sex.Now chant the 1200 mantra daily at least 80 days with the help of coral rosary or Apsara mala daily. When Apsara arrives behave with her piecefully and carefully.


  • Chan this mantra daily 1200 times.
  • This mantra process 80 day’s.
  • Use coral rosary.
  • sit on the white aasan.

4. Leel Apsra ki Sadhna

It is another kind of wonderful sadhna through you may get the company of an extremely beautiful Apsara in your life. Process is very simple. Make a yonichakra with the help of sin-door and put the lined(dharidar) HAKIK STONE(HAKIK PATHAR) on it.Now make the two lots (monds) of red rices on it.Now chant the 31 ROUNDS OF the following mantra at least 31 days with the pran prathishtith moti mala (perls garland). Lit the perfumed stick in your room and chant the following mantra.


  • Everyday chan this mantra 108 times.
  • Sit on the white aasan.
  • Use yellow flower and sweet.

When it appears it comes in a very beautiful and wonderful form. It provides lots of love, joy, happiness and piece to the sadhak. It’s color is extremely very fair and sound is very sweet. She may prove a good friend for you and a good lover.

5. Pari Ki Sadhna

This sadhna is erformed in the 12 pm night of any friday.all the environment is created sainted,peaceful and joyful.sadhak takes bath in the night,puts itra or any good perfume,sits on a woolen asan towards the direction of west. Puts some sweets,pan,rose flowers,saint,surahidar lota and chant 101 *101 times the following mantra with the help of a hakeek rosary.mantra-


  • Start this mantra only Friday.
  • Sadhak use Saftik rosary.
  • Chan this mantra 108 times.
  • This Sadhna Is Only for 40 day’s.

Do this sadhna till 40 days,when pari appears put a garland(har) into the neck of the pari and pari will give you the next haar.pari appears in a very wonderful and beautiful form infornt of the sadhak.lives with him/her as a wife or friend.saves him/her from accidents.tells about the forthcoming incidents and many more benefits


Note: All These Sadhna Is Very Powerful And Effective I You Want More Information And Mantra Call Guru Ji +91-9729931543


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