Mantra to create fight between enemies, couples, relatives and families




Videshan Mantras are used to create bloody fights between two or more individuals by creating higher misunderstandings between them. It causes enmity among the targets. Videshan creates tension in the mind for a special person or for everyone. Through this ancient technique of Videshan tantra it creates a quarrel between the two people or two families. They will start fighting over small things and finally hate to see each other as the Videshan process is completed by you. When anyone wants to destroy any two people, family or their relatives they follow the process of Videshan. Person under Videshan will not think anything positive and it creates a block on their minds due to which they will start fighting with each other. Their happiness would be ruined like they ruined yours. You will see them in utmost uncomfort when they will be with each other. They will avoid and ignore each other and this process will become more stronger as the time passes by. They will act abusive with each other and there will be no reason for that. Sometimes when people play with your innocency and throw you out of your life like you never existed for them, you break down. But it’s never too late, fate is always in your hand which only you can change it. When they will taste the same bitterness which they forced you to taste forcefully once, your pain would be paid off back. You will be the spectator watching the same bad things happening with them which they did to you. That’s the point when they will realize their mistakes. I say if nobody is helping you then help yourself.

I have also given one more mantra for the same.

Om namah adesh guru satya naam ks , baarah sarson terah raai, baat ki mithi masaan ki chhaai, patak maru kar jal vaar —-1—- phute, dekhe na —-2—- dwar, meri bhakti, guru ki shakti, phuro mantra ishwaro vacha.
Procedure: -Take some yellow mustard and its seed, fenugreek, dry woods of mango tree and butea monosperma and bring some ash from the cemetery ground. Mix all these things and perform a yajna or homan giving 108 ahutis.

There will be Videshan between two individuals.





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