Shani Raksha Kavach

Shani Raksha Kavach



Product I.D.     : SRK 202

Product Name : Shani Raksha Kavach

Price                   : 150 $


Description       :


Shani Raksha Kawach is a medium to receive sanctified blessings of Lord Shani. The planet of Saturn has adverse affect in a horoscope which causes Sadesati. To avoid the catastrophe of sadesati, Shani Kawach is the ultimate defender. It helps to deal with the depression and torpor state of mind. Grab a Authentic Shani kavach at best price to receive success in profession, studies and other areas of life. It holds huge importance to choose the most trustworthy Shani kavach seller. Wear Shani Kavach and make your life happier and contended than what it was before. The Shani Kavach Pendant is energized with great efforts which encompass special rituals of meditation, reiki, pranic healing etc in order to produce desired outcome.

  • Do you feel that even after having done all pooja and havan, the home and business does not prosper?

  • Are people constantly jealous or your continuing progress and you are worried that they are casting a bad eye?

Note: Proper energization and activation is required, i.e. pran-pratishtha and shuddhi. We do sarvarthsiddhi and then send the product to the customer.