Important Raksha Kavach Mantra Before Sadhana !!!

Important Raksha Kavach Mantra Before Sadhana !!!

Whenever a Sadhak Practices any Tantra there are also some risks involved with it. As when a sadhak starts his sadhana he might get surrounded by many obstructions or negative energies if a sadhak has done any kind of mistakes while performing his sadhana. Hence its always recommended for a sadhak to gain siddhi on the “Raksha Kavach mantras” and its proper procedure to save himself from any negative energies which causes obstruction while performing a sadhana. Even in every culture whenever a sadhak does any sadhana either he sits under a circle which is abhimantrit so that if a sadhak gets interrupted by anything negative then it becomes impossible for that energy to cause any harm.

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And the other benefits are like for example if you are doing a videshan prayog and you donot want the other party to know about it if incase they are practicing the some kind of ritual. Then do the Japa of this mantra 11 times before reciting any mantras or spells.

By practicing this mantra that has been provided in the video a sadhak feels completely safe from all the negative entities which might cause an obstruction.

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