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First and foremost before heading towards this topic about Aura Cleansing I just want to Wish all My Clients and Readers a Very Happy New Year to you and to your dear ones, may God bless you with all the good health and abundance of wealth!!!

Since it’s a new year and a new beginning so I have chosen a topic about how an Aura Cleansing can create a lot of difference in your life. I personally am very particular about it so I am sharing my secrets with you on how I clean my Aura and what are its benefits.

Definition of Aura

I am sure you all must have gone through different definations about Aura and ennumber of ways to clean it. For some freshers let me explain you here that Aura are the positive light, protection(from anything negative or evil), which creates a boundary from another world that saves you from being harmed from a lot of evil things. For some people their Auras are very weak which is not so good as for these kind of people they are very prone to falling sick or easily absorbing negative rays that come from another person who might have some negative and harmful thoughts for you. Other kind of people are those who do a lot of meditation, their 7 Chakras known as “Kundalini Jagrit” are active or some of their chakras are active. For these people their auras are superstrong because they can sync with very spiritual and supernatural activities as well sometimes(depending upon how much active their chakras are) but have control on these kind of circumstances. So now if I have to explain in a very lamen language I would say like for eg. We take bath and clean ourselves because we if we don’t then dirt gets accumulated in our body, skin and we fall sick, not so good as per hygiene preferences. In the same manner our soul abosorbs a lot of negativity from people, problems in life and we always grow up like that ignoring the fact that we are actually abosorbing all these negative dirt from people, situations since our childhood. We get tensed we go for meditation classes, reiki, go to some holy places, try to talk to our dear ones..we feel good and I agree that it certainly helps but only for a certain point of time because we are not healing our positive light, its getting weak we are not getting it cleaned, which means we are always very much somewhere indirectly responsible for some of our problems. If we clean our Aura from time to time then we become mentally spiritually strong to begin with any work whether its praying, starting your work, any thing new, its like a strong foundation that is required for you to have a strong house. I was been provided with such knowledge long time back by my grandmother, we had a property which was jus a land that was covered with many trees and herbs. Out of curiosity as a child I asked her as I noticed her getting some herbs or sometimes just a twig of some branches, that what was she going to do out of it. Everytime I got no answer, my grandmother was a nurse by profession and my grandfather a doctor. My family was always religious and there was always a miracle that used to take place in our family, my grandmother was a religious lady and used to work free for people, it was like our door could be knocked at anytime even in the middle of the night. I was my grannys daughter. Never so scared she used to teach me provide me knowledge about God, spirits, ghosts and she I remember that one of the old British cottage was haunted which was built long time back, she had fixed a deal with the watchman that whenever he listens any activity happening just let her know about it. And when I used to look at my grandmother with such a courage I used to become fearless at that time. My childhood was nt less than an adventure. So coming back to the topic about aura, one day which I went to the jungle with her she provided me with the knowledge about magical herbs and what is its importance, from that moment whenever I get time I try to just listen to any trees or sync with the nature. They might not talk but yes they can listen to you. And if I go a little deeper to our ancient times then it was been said that in “Satya Yuga”..the first decade, everything was so pure and true that even the trees used to talk with humans and help them for medicines or anykind of help. So when you see talking trees even in the Hollywood scenes its not just an imagination, all these existed a long time back. I perform certain methods for my aura cleansing and let me share it with you all.


So first of all before taking a bath I just wash my face and brush my teeth, I avoid eating any breakfast until my ritual is completed.

So in a silver plate I keep a white candle some flowers like rose etc, then I burn the candle and some incense sticks.

After that I put some sweet sugar as an offering to the positive energies and put a circle around the candle and flowers that I have offered.

Now as I would already prepare a bowl of water, if I am about to take a bath immediately I put some hot water into the bowl and a pinch of salt then add some rose petals, little milk, kesar and secret mixture of herbs…then I meditate and try to sync with all the good positive energies.

First I pray to all the positive energies and God to provide me with all the positivity and bless the water, I touch the bowl with both my hands while asking for help and blessings to provide me with good health, and to heal my soul with this magical water..also to help me with a good fortune.

Gently I put my hands inside the bowl and tear rose petals( I tear it into two pieces so that the benefits of it and all the positivity could blend with the water) and the magical herbs and focus all the positive and good things, I focus on negative things getting washed away as I take a bath with this water.

Then I thank God and all my positive energies around me for blessing it, I let the candle burn out completely.

I put some pinch of salt even in my bathing water, as salt is considered holy and it cleans all the negativity from your body, then after I take a bath normally and clean my body, I take that bowl of water and then slowly starting from my face and then I pour it gently from the top of my head. While pouring the water I feel all the positive and good things coming in my life, love light, sunshine, fortune and negative things getting washed away (you can also burn a candle and some incense sticks which has some flower fragrance while taking a bath)..

Then I collect all those ingredients back as you shouldnot drain it away, after that I just gently dispose off those ingredients back to nature in some clean place in my garden, thanking mother nature for helping me to clean my aura and fill my soul with joy.

I feel refereshed and energized and ready to perform any kind of ritual…Aura cleansing is very important to balance your life..

Aaradhya Gurumaa.

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