Ancient Spell of Lord Rama to get your Love back

http://Lord Rama also known as the “Maryada Purushottam” is considered as the magnificient and supreme personality of all the God who has always been eulogized by all vedic scriptures in one voice. Lord Ram always helped people who were in need, from poor to the richest all were equal for him. He was the slayer of evil and demons in another decade known as “Treata Yuga.” Whenever sadhak prays him in need he blesses them, every kind of evil gets vanished like it never existed before.. there is a famous saying that “keval Ram naam ke japne se hi par hove sansar”.. which means that just by taking his name one can get rid of all this life cycle of birth and death as his karma gets cleansed by taking the name of Lord Ram…


Apadam Prahartaramam Dataram Sarva Sampadam,

Lokabhiramam Shri Ramam bhuyo bhuyo Namahyaham

Ramaya Rama, Bhadraya Rama Chandraya Veghase

Raghunathaya, Nathaya, Sitaye Patye Namah: II

Any Vashikaran mantras should be only used if you truly love that person and want him/her to always be with you. As these mantras are for the goodwill of mankind and one should not just play with these mantras. These mantras create a powerful vibrations in the universe, there  was also a scientific research according to which it was estimated that sounds or any word that we speak always keeps on floating in the universe. And these are from the vedic text books, so one should be careful and should have the clear focus towards his/her desires.

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