Ancient Kali Mantra to Destroy Enemies

Maran Mantra of kaali

Ancient Kali Mantra to Destroy Enemies




Maran mantras/spells and rituals are very too strong and powerful that I would not recommend anyone to go ahead and perform the rituals on their own. If one performs such rituals on their own you need to have a perfect guidance. As without the proper guidance there can be ill effects as well, but with a proper guidance you can achieve your goal and punish another person who has hurt you or done anything bad to you. I am providing you the procedure and mantra below.

CAUTION: You might also get disturbed or interrupted by anything supernatural.


On any Full Moon night of purnima, take a bath before 12’ O clock midnight and wear clean clothes(avoid wearing black).

Go to some lonesome place like forest or if at home go to terrace or some open place near your home.

Clean the place and put some red and yellow vermillion in the square shape and place four ghee lamps on each corner and three inside the square. Now place the photo of Maa Kali and the person whom you want to punish

Offer some red flowers, fruits, little amount of rice(raw) and Gangajal (holy water from ganges river), some red vermillion to Maa Kali and then now pray for your success

Put some red vermllion on your forehead as well.

Now start chanting the mantra given below, you have to  chant the mantra for 11,000 thousand times and write it on bhojpatra.

“Swaha Maarya Hun Amukn (Name of Enemy Here) Hrim Phat Swaha ”


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