Ancient Indrajal Siddhi for Vashikaran

Ancient Indrajal  Pati Vashikaran

Indrajala is a sanskrit word common to most Indian languages, which means Indra’s net, magic, deception, fraud, conjuring, jugglery, sorcery etc.

In our Hindu Religion the first creator of maya in this universe was Indra. The term Indrajala was used instead of maya in the ancient days. Indra represents God and God’s creation of this universe can be considered a magical act, thus we can consider this whole world as an illusion or as an Indrajal. Indrajal is very ancient science of vedic astrology and using it we are able to apply a vashikaran on everyone for control mind of any person. Using the indrajal vashikaran mantra we are able to do everything which we want to do and many sadhu are using indrajal vashikaran to control any person.

Indrajal Vashikaran is one of a very old method from the ancient times. In adding to this, account of Vedic Mantra, Tantra & Yantra has also been provided for information & knowledge.In ancient India several siddh Hindu Gurus were sidhh practitioners in Indrajal and they used to safeguard themselves and their animals through it. The Siddhi is acquired by beginning the performance of this mantra on any positive event, which has to be done 108 times. And needs to be recited from 21-41 days.

Method of Using Indrajal After the Chanting.

You can place the Indrajal on Your Wardrobe, just hung it or mount on a ball. You can either place it on a vessel or get it framed as well. We provide Indrajal after the process of abhimantrit or getting it energized, so that its already active for you while you are practicing it.

Also as it is a very Powerful Mantra of illusion, hence I am not providing it publically. You can contact me for the mantra and its details.

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